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Day 38. Summerfield to Walnut Cove

  • May 8, 2018
  • Kenny Capps

Back on the road again! I moved away from the greenway in Summerfield, turned right out of the parking lot and... Continue Reading

Day 38: Elkin Recreation Center, Elkin, NC

  • Shelley Pereda

32.7 At small parking area, follow path running along Elkin Creek into Elkin Municipal Park, then pass fishing platform on left.... Continue Reading

Day 37. Browns Summit to Summerfield. Lots of new faces!

  • May 7, 2018
  • Kenny Capps

Dean left me at the trailhead next to the golf course at a little before 7am this morning. I stalked the... Continue Reading

Day 37: Yadkin River Adventures Inc. Old Rockford Road, Dobson, NC

  • Shelley Pereda

15.6 Pass Rockford Inn Bed & Breakfast on left. I 16.6 Turn left on Buck Ford Rd. 18.9 Turn left on... Continue Reading

Day 36. Haw River to Browns Summit

  • May 6, 2018
  • Kenny Capps

One long day behind me. Another ahead! Last night, a fraternity brother, Paul, showed up at the campsite, wearing a hydration... Continue Reading

Day 36: Pilot Mountain State Park Pinnacle, NC

  • Shelley Pereda

25.7 Continue straight across jeep road. 26.0 Turn left at T-intersection near well pump house on right, then, at trail crossing,... Continue Reading

Day 35. Eno River Park to Haw River

  • May 5, 2018
  • Kenny Capps

“All things are difficult before they are easy”. I saw this spray-painted under an old train trestle today. It applied to... Continue Reading

Day 35: Hanging Rock State Park Danbury, NC

  • Shelley Pereda

0.0 Begin Segment 7 at the edge of the Hanging Rock State Park Visitor Center parking lot, at the wooden Hanging... Continue Reading

Day 34. Durham to Eno River Park

  • May 4, 2018
  • Kenny Capps

I started about an hour later this morning as I met members of the North Durham Runners Club. These fantastic runners... Continue Reading

Day 34: Jim Booth’s Catfish Pond Walnut Cove, NC

  • Shelley Pereda

49.9 At T-intersection, turn right on Power Dam Rd. 50.7 Continue past Power House Rd. and Hemlock Golf Club on right.... Continue Reading