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Day 51: BRP. Canton, NC

May 21, 2018 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

  • 27.2 Enter the Nantahala National Forest (no sign), where camping is permitted for the next 14 miles.
  • 28.0 Turn right at T-intersection in clearing. Note: The left fork leads a few hundred feet to a campsite suitable for large groups. A
  • 28.1 Cross a set of “speed bumps” in the trail designed to discourage ATV traffic.
  • 28.5 Pass between the metal posts of an old gate.
  • 28.6 Bear left at Y-intersection marked with MST sign.
  • 29.3 Turn right off old roadbed onto singletrack trail.
  • 29.4 Bear right at MST sign and return to old roadbed.
  • 30.7 Pass trail on the right to campsite with limited flat space. A
  • 30.9 Cross Piney Mtn. Creek.
  • 31.1 At Y-intersection, take right fork; the trail will soon narrow.
  • 31.6 Cross Birch Ridge Creek.
  • 31.9 At Y-intersection, where trail is deeply embanked, take right fork.
  • 32.4 At trail intersection, where the trail continuing straight begins to descend, turn right to continue uphill.
  • 32.7 Where smaller trail appears to go left, take switchback to the right to stay on main trail.
  • 35.4 Pass lean-to frame structure on left.
  • 36.0 Continue straight where trail comes in from right, then cross Beechflat Creek.
  • 36.3 Bear right off old roadbed (which by this point is mostly overgrown) onto singletrack trail at MST sign. Note: The tread of the trail will soon become much more rocky and difficult; the next two miles are among the most difficult on the entire MST.
  • 38.0 Continue onto old roadbed.
  • 38.4 Pass a campsite on the left. A
  • 39.1 Turn right to continue on roadbed, heading uphill at white marker.
  • 39.2 Pass a campsite on the left. A
  • 39.5 Leave the roadbed and continue straight on a singletrack trail.
  • 39.8 Cross Mull Creek.
  • 40.0 Turn sharply right onto an overgrown roadbed at post with white markers.
  • 40.1 At open area that appears to be a former power-line cut, turn right at post with white marker to head uphill for about 100 feet, then bear left into woods. Note: The marker may be obscured by growth and somewhat difficult to see.
  • 40.5 Bear right at open grassy area with MST sign, then continue on old roadbed straight past trail on right.
  • 40.6 Just before reaching clearing, make sharp right onto another old roadbed.
  • 40.8 Continue straight past clearing on right.
  • 41.2 Bear left to leave roadbed just before earthen barrier, then take left fork at Y-intersection with MST sign. Note: The right fork leads approximately 0.1 mile to a small parking area on the BRP at MP
  • 434.2. As you continue on the MST, you are entering BRP property, where camping is prohibited. K
  • 42.3 At sign with white markers, continue straight past short spur trail on right to Doubletop Mtn. Overlook (MP 435.3). K
  • 42.9 Pass short spur trail on right, leading to Licklog Gap Overlook (MP 435.7). K
  • 43.1 Cross log bridge over small gully.
  • 44.1 Pass short spur trail to Grassy Ridge Mine Overlook on right (MP 436.8). K
  • 49.0 Cross bridge over small stream, which may not always have water.
  • 49.5 Cross Redbank Branch.
  • 49.8 Cross a log bridge over a small seep.
  • 50.3 Cross gravel road at an uphill angle, aiming at a tree with a white blaze painted on it.
  • 50.6 Cross creek on log bridge.
  • 51.6 Cross wooden bridge.
  • 51.7 Turn right onto single-lane paved road paralleling railroad tracks. Just before reaching T-intersection, turn left onto trail and cross over stone footbridge. Note: Continue straight up the hill to reach a parking area. The Balsam post office is approximately 0.3 mile from the trail at this point. See the “Food/Supplies/Post Office” section fo this segment for directions.


May 21, 2018
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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Throwing Bones