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Day 50: Pisgah Inn, BRP. Canton, NC

May 20, 2018 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

  • 0.0 Begin Segment 2 at parking lot for the Pisgah Inn (MP 408.6). From the back right corner of the parking lot (as viewed from the BRP), turn right on the sidewalk. Just beyond the inn office, turn left and go down a flight of stairs. Note: The Pisgah Inn, open seasonally, has lodging, a restaurant, and a store with general supplies. The Mt. Pisgah Campground is nearby; to reach it, turn left on the BRP and walk approximately 0.1 mile to the entrance on the right. See the “Campgrounds and Lodging” section for this segment for more information. E G I K N A
  • 0.1 At a seating area with a fence, turn right onto the grassy path.
  • 0.2 At end of grassy path, continue onto singletrack trail also known as the Buck Spring Trail.
  • 0.3 Begin descending a series of switchbacks.
  • 0.4 Enter the Pisgah National Forest (no sign), where camping is allowed for the next 6.3 miles. A
  • 2.9 Pass campsite on right. A
  • 3.2 Cross Poplar Creek.
  • 4.4 Cross Barnett Branch.
  • 4.7 Continue straight past Barnett Branch Trail on left.
  • 4.9 Cross stream on log then turn right at sign where Buck Spring Trail continues straight.
  • 5.4 Cross creek on log bridge.
  • 6.0 Cross stream on log bridge.
  • 6.4 Cross US 276. Note: There is a small parking area 50 yards to the left. K
  • 6.7 Enter BRP property (no sign), where camping is prohibited.
  • 6.8 Cross BRP at Pigeon Gap (MP 412.5), near a power-line cut and small grassy parking area. K
  • 7.7 Pass between NPS benchmark on right and large boulder on right, then down through cleft in rocks.
  • 8.6 Turn right on BRP at Bennett Gap.
  • 8.7 Return to trail at MST sign.
  • 8.8 Continue straight past trail to viewpoint on left.
  • 9.2 Cross BRP (with small parking area) at MP 415.
  • 9.8 Turn right on BRP at Cherry Gap and walk along shoulder.
  • 9.9 Return to trail on right just beyond Cherry Cove Overlook (MP 415.7). K
  • 10.7 Pass campsite on left. Note: As noted in the introductory materials, the US Forest Service has prohibited camping in the Graveyard Fields area (Miles 9.9-16.3). Although these directions identify campsites in this area as wayfinding guides, do not camp there.
  • 11.0 At T-intersection with MST marker, turn left. The trail on your right is the Bridges Camp Gap Trail.
  • 11.3 Pass side trail on left to parking at Looking Glass Rock Overlook 400 feet away (MP 417). K
  • 11.6 Cross small stream on wooden bridge, then descend stairs and cross wooden bridge over Yellowstone Prong just below Skinny Dip Falls.
  • 11.8 Pass campsite on right.
  • 12.9 Where trail to campsites comes in on left, continue straight along trail marked “Connector” and “Graveyard Fields Parking.”
  • 13.0 Pass campsite on right.
  • 13.2 Turn right where sign points to Graveyard Fields parking lot straight ahead. Note: If you continue straight, you will reach the parking lot in 0.4 mile (MP 418.8). K
  • 13.5 Pass campsite on left.
  • 13.6 Continue straight past Graveyard Ridge Trail on left.
  • 14.8 Reach clearing with significant trail intersection and campsite. Continue straight, following MST blaze and sign toward “Black Bal. Rd. FSR 816.” You will begin to ascend a series of switchbacks shortly.
  • 15.6 Cross rock outcropping and head down a series of switchbacks.
  • 15.8 Cross the first in a series of 13 wooden bridges and boardwalks over a network of streams in the next 0.4 mile.
  • 16.3 Continue straight past trail on right, then turn left at T-intersection, where the trail to the right is the Art Loeb Trail and cross Black Balsam Rd. (FR 816). Note: You are leaving the area the US Forest Service has closed to camping because of bear activity; camping is allowed for the next 0.4 mile. K A
  • 16.5 Pass trail to campsite on right. A
  • 16.7 Enter BRP property (no sign), where camping is prohibited.
  • 17.4 Pass Art Loeb Trail on left.
  • 17.6 Pass side trail to rock outcrop overlook on left.
  • 17.7 Enter the Pisgah National Forest; camping is allowed for the next 7 miles, but see the “Primitive Camping” section for this segment for restrictions. A
  • 18.0 Cross a pair of wooden bridges.
  • 18.3 Pass Little Sam Trail on right and campsite on left. A
  • 18.4 Cross two wooden bridges.
  • 18.5 Pass Devil’s Courthouse Connector Trail on left, then cross wooden boardwalk.
  • 18.6 Cross small stream on wooden bridge.
  • 18.8 Pass several campsites on the right and left. A
  • 20.0 Cross log bridge over creek. At faint T-intersection, turn right and go downhill.
  • 20.3 Pass campsite on left. A
  • 20.4 Cross NC 215 and enter Middle Prong Wilderness Area. Note: The trail is not blazed through the wilderness area and can be difficult to follow. K
  • 20.5 Cross Bubbling Spring Branch, then continue uphill, parallel to road.
  • 20.6 Pass campsite on left, then unmarked trail on right just after MST sign. A
  • 20.9 Pass through clearing with campsite on the right. A
  • 21.4 Reach the West Fork of the Pigeon River and cross a small tributary, keeping the main stream on your right, then return to the woods.
  • 22.4 Cross a stream then, less than 50 feet ahead, bear left at a faint Yintersection (the right fork may be blocked by branches).
  • 23.1 Pass campsite on the right. A
  • 23.2 Cross logs over a boggy area, then bear right. If you look back at the end of the logs, you will see an MST sign.
  • 23.6 Continue straight along lower edge of a heath bald.
  • 23.7 Pass trail to campsite on left, then join wider trail. A
  • 23.8 Cross Buckeye Creek.
  • 24.7 Leave Middle Prong Wilderness Area. You are entering BRP property, where camping is prohibited.
  • 24.9 Pass National Park Service boundary line sign. You are entering the Pisgah National Forest, where camping is allowed for the next 1.4 miles.
  • 26.3 Pass National Park Service boundary line sign. You are entering BRP property, where camping is prohibited.
  • 26.5 Turn left at MST sign, then cross BRP at a gravel parking area (MP 426.5).
  • Crash near or on the Parkway.


May 20, 2018
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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Throwing Bones