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Day 49: Folk Art Center, Asheville

May 19, 2018 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

  • 39.5 Continue straight past small unmarked spur trail to BRP on right.
  • 39.9 Turn left on BRP, then cross bridge over US 74A.
  • 40.0 At parking area at end of bridge (MP 384.8), turn right onto trail marked with MST signpost. K
  • 40.4 Continue straight past trail on left.
  • 40.5 Cross a small stream.
  • 40.6 Cross a power-line cut.
  • 41.4 Cross a small stream.
  • 41.5 Continue straight across old road.
  • 41.9 Cross small creek, then continue straight past trail on right.
  • 42.2 Cross a small stream.
  • 42.6 Cross two small streams, then continue straight past old roadbed on left.
  • 42.7 At Y-intersection where larger trail continues down to the right, bear left on smaller trail.
  • 43.0 Bear left at Y-intersection.
  • 43.2 Continue straight past fainter trail leading to BRP on left.
  • 43.3 Continue straight past trail on the left.
  • 43.5 Cross footbridge over a small stream.
  • 43.7 Turn right on BRP, then cross bridge over Sweeten Creek Rd.
  • 43.8 At end of bridge, turn right onto trail with MST signpost.
  • 44.2 Turn right on BRP, then cross bridge over railroad tracks.
  • 44.3 Cross bridge over railroad tracks, then turn right on trail with MST signpost.
  • 44.5 Turn right onto BRP, then cross bridge over Hendersonville Rd. Note: The access road across the BRP leads to Hendersonville Rd., a major thoroughfare in Asheville. Turning left (south) at the bottom of the ramp leads to a number of shopping options, including a Walmart approximately 0.5 mile away. To the right (north) are historic Biltmore Village and downtown Asheville, about 4 and 6 miles away, respectively, along with numerous smaller shopping centers. E G
  • 44.6 After passing access road, and just before gate, turn left on trail marked with MST signpost. Note: There is a parking area just across the road from the trail (MP 388.9). K
  • 44.7 Continue straight past trail coming in from right.
  • 44.9 Descend stairs, cross trail intersection, then climb stairs on other side.
  • 45.1 Cross small footbridge over swampy area, then larger footbridge over Fourmile Branch.
  • 45.7 Continue straight across gravel road.
  • 46.7 Cross footbridge over Dingle Creek, bear left and slightly uphill, then turn right at MST signpost.
  • 46.8 Cross gravel road with padlocked gate just to your left, then cross footbridge over small creek.
  • 47.4 At Y-intersection, bear right, then continue straight past intersection with closed trail.
  • 47.5 Continue straight past trail on the left.
  • 47.8 Turn left on BRP, then cross bridge over I-26.
  • 47.9 Just past the bridge, turn right on trail marked with MST signpost.
  • 48.1 Cross BRP.
  • 48.8 Continue straight across dirt road that passes under BRP.
  • 49.0 At Y-intersection, where left trail is marked with a blue diamond with an arrow, continue straight as shown on MST signpost.
  • 49.5 Bear right at a Y-intersection, come out to parking area (MP 393.4), then turn left on BRP and cross bridge over French Broad River. K
  • 49.7 Just after crossing bridge, turn right on BRP access road.
  • 49.9 Just past road gate, turn left on trail marked with white-blazed signpost and informational sign titled “Shut-In Trail.” The trail from here to the Mt. Pisgah Trailhead parking area generally follows the path of, and is sometimes on the bed of, the old carriage road built by George Vanderbilt to connect Biltmore House to Buck Spring Lodge, his hunting lodge on Mt. Pisgah. Note: Parking is available along the shoulder of the access road. K
  • 50.1 Pass through gate in chain-link fence, then cross small stream. You are now entering the North Carolina Arboretum property.
  • 50.2 At T-intersection, turn left.
  • 50.3 Pass through gate in chain-link fence to leave the Arboretum property.
  • 50.4 Cross creek.
  • 52.0 Turn left on an old gravel road.
  • 52.1 At open area showing signs of erosion, leave gravel road to the left and follow white-blazed signpost up the trail. Note: There is a gravel parking area on the BRP (MP 359) just to the left of this point. K
  • 53.3 Continue straight past short spur trail to BRP on left.
  • 54.4 Where a trail comes in at a sharp angle from below on the right, continue straight on MST.
  • 55.0 Where Sleepy Gap Parking Area is visible on right, continue on marked trail behind parking area, then begin climbing a series of switchbacks.
  • 55.8 At intersection with blue-blazed spur trail to BRP, turn right towards MST signpost. Note: The spur trail leads approximately 75 yards to parking at the Chestnut Cove Overlook (MP 398.3). K
  • 55.9 Continue straight where trail comes in at sharp angle from right.
  • 56.2 Continue straight past Chestnut Cove Trail on right.
  • 58.3 Continue straight where trail heads uphill on left.
  • 58.4 Cross gravel road leading into Bent Creek Experimental Forest.
  • 58.5 Turn left at T-intersection.
  • 59.3 At Y-intersection, bear left up trail marked “Shut-In Trail.” Note: Just down the other trail is a small stream that could be usable as a water source during high-flow periods.
  • 59.7 Cross 4,064-foot Ferrin Knob just below remains of old fire tower on left.
  • 60.4 Reach Beaver Dam Gap Overlook (MP 401.7) and walk across the back of parking lot to continue on the trail at far side. K
  • 61.3 Cross BRP, then walk through Stony Bald Overlook (MP 402.6) and return to trail at far right corner of parking area. K
  • 61.9 Cross BRP.
  • 62.4 Cross BRP at Big Ridge Overlook (MP 403.6), then turn right at MST signpost at far right corner of parking area and follow trail down wooden stairs and into the woods. K
  • 63.4 Cross parking area at Mills River Valley Overlook (MP 404.5) and continue on trail at far side of parking area. K
  • 64.6 Turn left to walk on shoulder of BRP approximately 75 yards, then cross at the junction with NC 151 and enter woods on trail marked with white blazes and wooden vehicle barriers. Note: There is a small gravel parking area at this junction (MP 405.5). K
  • 66.4 Reach road at parking area for Mt. Pisgah Trailhead (to your right) and walk along shoulder approximately 50 yards, returning to the trail at white-blazed signpost. Note: At this parking area (MP 407.6), you are crossing directly over the BRP’s Buck Springs Tunnel, so the next time you reach the BRP, it will be from the other side. K
  • 66.6 Continue straight across parking area at Buck Springs Gap Overlook (MP 407.6). K
  • 66.7 Continue through clearing with wooden benches on the right and a spectacular view. Note: This is the former site of George Vander bilt’s Buck Spring Lodge. Walt Weber’s book Trail Profiles and Maps: From the Great Smokies to Mt. Mitchell and Beyond provides an interesting look at the history and current condition of the lodge site.
  • 66.9 Continue straight past junction with Laurel Mtn. Trail on left.
  • 67.0 Continue straight past junction with Pilot Rock Trail on left.
  • 67.4 Continue straight past side trail on left, which leads to overlook.
  • 67.7 Come down stone stairs to parking lot at the Pisgah Inn (MP 408.6) and the western end of Segment 3. Note: The Pisgah Inn, open seasonally, has lodging, a restaurant, and a store with general supplies. The Mt. Pisgah Campground is nearby; to reach it, turn left on the BRP and walk approximately 0.1 mile to the entrance on the right (see the “Camping and Lodging” section for this segment for more information).


May 19, 2018
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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Throwing Bones