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Day 47: Black Mountain Campground Burnsville, NC.

May 17, 2018 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

  • 0.0 Turn left out of the parking area on South Toe River Rd. near Black Mtn. Campground to begin Segment 3, then cross bridge over South Toe River and turn left at sign pointing to Mt. Mitchell. Note: To reach the parking area by car from the BRP, take NC 80 (at MP 344) toward Burnsville. After the small community of Busick, turn left onto South Toe River Rd. This road will eventually turn to gravel and follow the river. At the gravel road intersection, turn right and continue to follow the road right. The parking area is on your left just before a bridge and the entrance to the Black Mtn. Campground on the right. See the “Camping and Lodging” section for this segment for information about camping at the Black Mtn. Campground. K A N
  • 0.1 Bear left at Y-intersection with trail to Briar Bottom Group Camping.
  • 0.2 Continue straight past trail on right, turn right at signpost for Mt. Mitchell Trail, then continue straight across road.
  • 0.3 Cross wooden bridge over Little Mtn. Creek.
  • 1.8 Bear left at Y-intersection to follow Higgins Bald Trail.
  • 2.3 Cross power-line cut.
  • 2.4 Cross Setrock Creek.
  • 2.5 Pass campsites on right and left. A
  • 3.0 Continue straight past Mt. Mitchell Trail on right. Note: A few yards down the Mt. Mitchell Trail is Setrock Creek, a good water source.
  • 3.2 Pass campsite on right. A
  • 3.7 Pass campsite on right and begin ascending a long series of switchbacks. A
  • 3.9 Cross power-line cut. Note: In the next 0.4 mile, you will cross this power-line cut 5 times.
  • 4.2 Continue straight past trail on right marked Buncombe Horse Range (the trail you are continuing on is also called the Buncombe Horse Range Trail), then pass campsite on left. A
  • 4.3 Reach the power-line cut for the last time at a well-marked junction and turn right onto the Mt. Mitchell Trail, which is marked with blue diamonds as well as the MST white circles. Note: If you continue straight, you will be on the Commissary Trail, which avoids the
  • 1.1-mile-long, 900-vertical-foot climb to the summit of Mt. Mitchell. If you choose this alternative, walk 0.5 mile then return to the MST at mile 6.9.
  • 5.1 Pass state-park boundary sign.
  • 5.5 Pass sign marked “Black Mtn. Campground 5.5 miles” (in the other direction), then pass Balsam Nature Trail on right.
  • 5.8 Continue straight onto paved trail, then pass Mt. Mitchell State Park Environmental Education Center on right. Note: Turn left on the paved trail and walk 500 feet to reach the summit of Mt. Mitchell.
  • 5.9 Turn left onto Old Mitchell Trail at sign. Note: Continuing straight on the paved trail for 100 yards leads to the Mt. Mitchell parking lot, with water, restrooms, and a concession stand. The Mt. Mitchell State Park restaurant is approximately 1.6 miles away on the road from the parking lot. K N E
  • 6.0 Turn left at sign to stay on Old Mitchell Trail. Note: The trail straight ahead (the Campground Spur Trail) leads 0.3 mile to the Mt. Mitchell State Park Campground. See the “Camping and Lodging” section for this segment for information about camping here. A
  • 6.1 Make two quick switchbacks, left then right. At the second one, a trail from the left is blocked.
  • 6.2 At sign, pass trail on right and continue on Camp Alice Trail, marked with blue squares as well as white circles. Note: The trail to the right is the continuation of the Old Mitchell Trail and leads down 1.5 miles to the park office.
  • 6.6 Turn left on gravel road, then cross Lower Creek. Note: If you turn right here, the Mt. Mitchell State Park office is 1.2 miles ahead.
  • 6.7 Continue straight past gravel road on left.
  • 6.9 Pass sign to leave Mt. Mitchell State Park, then make a sharp right turn onto the Buncombe Horse Range Trail just before a small stream.
  • 7.2 Cross Lower Creek.
  • 9.3 Cross South Fork of Upper Creek.
  • 10.1 Cross Right Prong of South Toe River.
  • 10.2 Continue straight past sign marked for Buncombe Horse Range Trail, South Toe River Rd., and Camp Alice, then cross stream.
  • 10.3 At Y-intersection, take right fork with white marker, then cross NC 128 at gravel parking area (which can be easy to miss in a car) and pass through a stile. Note: If you continue straight until you reach the road, you went too far but can turn right on the road and go 100 yards to the correct crossing, marked with MST signs. K
  • 11.3 At Y-intersection, take right fork then continue through clearing with nice lunch rock on left overlooking city of Asheville’s water-supply reservoir. Note: The left fork leads to a rock outcrop with views.
  • 11.5 Cross a small stream that may not have water during dry seasons, then begin ascending a series of switchbacks.
  • 13.6 Cross 6,320-foot summit of Blackstock Knob.
  • 14.3 Just before trail straight ahead almost disappears, turn left and head down a steep hill. You soon begin descending a long series of switchbacks.
  • 15.1 Continue past yellow-blazed trail on right, then cross BRP at Walker Knob Overlook (MP 359.8). K
  • 16.4 Continue straight through Glassmine Falls Overlook (MP 361.2). K
  • 18.7 Continue straight through Graybeard Mtn. Overlook (MP 363.4). K
  • 18.8 Cross BRP.
  • 18.9 Bear right on paved road.
  • 19.0 At building on your right, continue straight onto trail.
  • 20.3 Pass Douglas Falls Trail on right.
  • 21.3 Turn left, then right at T-intersection. Note: Going left at the second turn will take you about 100 yards to the Craggy Gardens Visitor Center (MP 364.5), with water, restrooms, a gift shop, and parking. N G K
  • 21.5 Continue straight through old CCC shelter.
  • 22.0 At Y-intersection, take left fork.
  • 22.1 Continue straight past short spur trail on right leading to Craggy Gardens picnic area (MP 367.6), with restrooms, parking, and picnic facilities. The unmarked trail is between two signs noting that the MST is closed to horses and bicycles. Note: To reach the trail from the top of the parking area, follow the trail marked with a blue blaze and the MST logo, then turn right on the MST.


May 17, 2018
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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Throwing Bones